Supercon goods

One of the things I was looking forward to at Sueprcon was checking out Artist Alley. There were so many interesting artist which made it very hard to leave with only 4 pieces all 4 were between $10-$5. I didn’t buy any original sketches but might consider it next year.

I don’t own a camera *gasp* (I know who doesn’t own a camera these days pshh) so I took these with my phone. Hopefully once I find frames I like for them I’ll be able to take better pictures.

0707132102aI LOVE these little guys. These are by Michael Banks his website is Sugar Fueled There you’ll find links to his shops, and other social media pages. It was really hard to pick just 2 prints from him they all were amazing. My crappy cell phone doesn’t do them justice though. These were about $5 each and the original sketched were $20 and he had some bigger pieces too but I want to start a series of these little art cards. I’m thinking about putting these two next to each other in a floating frame.

0707132104aNest artist is Michael Duron. LocoDuck Studios I was debating between a beetle juice print and a Nightamre Before Christmas print but then I saw this one and jumped up and down! Still not sure how I want this one framed but I can’t wait to put them up.

0707132106For the life of me I CAN NOT remember the name of the artist. Which is sad because my boyfriend and I even had a conversation with him. He signed the print with black ink on the black border so I can’t make out his name 😦 He had some great pieces too.

My boyfriend bought 2 pieces from comic book artist Vinnie Tartamella but I wasn’t able to get pictures of them because we have them rolled up in a poster tube until we can put them somewhere safe or get them framed. I also bought a Deathly Hollows decal and a Doctor Who license plate frame. Luckily I stopped myself from spending anymore money!


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