So many books!

I have a to-read list on my Goodreads account and the list is currently at 115! This makes the decision of choosing which book to read next VERY difficult. I might just use one of those random number generators. Then I’ll argue with myself about whether I should get a hard copy of the book or get it on my Kindle. Kindle books are much cheaper which is what I need right now but my book collection isn’t as big as it was when I was a kid (moving so much over the years I’ve lost many books) so I kind of want to build my collection. My other option is go to a thrift store/ Goodwill and see if they have any of the books on list available. Aha! Clever me.

I have work tonight at 6pm for the Heat game so It’ll be a long night then tomorrow I’ll be spending the day studying for my written Art History midterm. I love the class but a 14 week course crammed into 6 weeks means A LOT of material to learn. Hopefully I’ll do something productive on my day off this Saturday. Last Saturday we just spend the whole day laying around and watching TV and then I actually went out at night (shocking) but I’d rather go out during the daytime and watch movies all night this Saturday so let’s see how that goes.


5 thoughts on “So many books!

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of thrift store book shopping lately – not for specific titles, but to find things that I might not otherwise take a chance on, if I had to pay full price.

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