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I seriously need to find a way to be less tired. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve dozed off while sitting in bed, laptop on my lap and all! Boyfriend is on a gluten free  diet to see if it’ll help his stomach, which has been giving him problems for a while now. It’s been a challenge since he is a bit of a picky eater. Also we’re both big beer lovers so limited selection of beer is torture for him ha!

This past Thursday was his birthday and as usual tradition I baked him his favorite cake: Tres Leche (Three Milks) but this time I made it with gluten free flour which I have never used before but luckily it came out delicious! I used this recipe from Pioneer Woman. All I did was substitute the regular flour for gluten free flour & Xantha gum. My digital camera broke a while back and I haven’t been able to replace it so all these pictures are taken with my cell phone. I am also not a fancy cooking blog so the pictures are meh in quality but Hey, gotta work with what you have!

Again I am no master chef or photographer if you’re expecting a full out step by step fancy recipe guide click on the original recipe link. This is just me having a bit of fun with a new recipe I tried. Random blog remember?


I found this Gluten-free baking flour at Whole Foods. Bob’s Red Mill makes all types of baking aids, cereals, etc. many which are gluten free. They had a huge section of this brand at Whole foods.


Xanthan Gum which you will need to add to your flour mixture. The bag has recommended measurements based on what you’ll be baking.


Picture is a bit blurry but this little mixer is 30 years old! My parents received it as a wedding gift years ago and my mom left it for me when she moved away a couple of years ago. Yes it still works.. kind of. Sometimes you have to hold the cord that comes out of it in place or else it stops but other than that it still performs great even after all the use and abuse it’s been through. I’m keeping this guy with me till he finally croaks.. or someone just happens to give me a new one, whichever comes first.

0207131018 (1)

I am only posting this picture because I successfully separated 5  eggs without it turning into a complete disaster! Yay me!


Observe awful cellphone picture. The cake came out more cooked than I wanted it. I only left it in for 35 minutes but it might have been because my oveh was left pre-heating for so long. The cake tasted fine either way but if it wasn’t for the tres leche soak I think it would have been a pretty dry cake. So lesson learned: don’t leave over on preheating for a freakishly long time.

0207131323aThe delicious staple to this recipe! The 3 milk mixture is made up of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. Yes I know it sound so unhealthy but it’s sooo delicious. My people love things super sweet and unhealthy!

Fun fact: My mom & I didn’t become huge vegetable freaks until my step dad came into the picture. My Cuban family rarely ate veggies unless they were slathered in some sauce or mixed into some heavy dish. We both LOVE all veggies now though!!


The icing. Made up of sugar and heavy whipping cream (I throw in a small dash of vanilla extract) Again not at all healthy and although it isn’t as delicious as the milk mixture it is still important.


Many people top their Tres Leche cakes with maraschino cherries but Boyfriend isn’t too fond of them and he loves strawberries so I layered the whole cake with fresh cut one. this is a picture of when i was trying to get all creative with the presentation. I ended up giving up and just doing rows of them all over the cake and then cleaning up the edges of the pan. Not exactly top chef presentation status but hey as long as it’s yummy Boyfriend doesn’t mind.


I always throw the extra milk mixture into a Tupperware to keep in the fridge just in case anyone wants to saturate their slice a bit more in that sweet sweet goodness.


Oh for Birthday dinner Boyfriend’s father took us to this little hole in the wall restaurant called Sushi Chef which was AMAZING!! Hopefully we’ll be going there again for my birthday in April. I’m seriously in love.  I tried this canned Oolong Tea which was pretty good.

So THAT was my attempt at a recipe post. Not as fancy as most food blogs but hey I tried and also points for me for actually blogging!! I have been writing daily in an actual journal next to my bed so that’s a plus. Now I’m off to watch my new obsession: Merlin.


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