Weekend in the Bahmas

Cruise continued. All pictures were either taken with my  phone or my friend’s camera. We got to Freeport at 7am and sadly the weather wasn’t looking too lovely the whole bus ride to the resort was a bit gloomy and it was sprinkling but once we got to the market the rain let up a bit and by the time we went into the resort the rain stopped completely and some sun shined through the clouds the rest of the day.
View from our room on the ship. 7am

We did the city tour which includes stopping at a very small market near the port which had more than half it’s stands closed on Sundays. The bus then drops you off at the Port Lucaya Market which is a pretty big market right outside the Lucaya hotel. Luckily the majority of these stores were open. After spending time at the market you can then walk over to the Grand Lucaya Resort and enjoy a free lunch then lay around their pools and enjoy the private beach.

Some of the stands at Port Lucaya Markey

My thoughts of the tour of Freeport… I didn’t exactly love it. I felt like I was still In Florida. If you ever been to the Florida Keys, Miami, or various other parts of Florida, then you’ve been to Freeport. It looked so much like different parts of Miami. Same native trees and plants that I can find where I live. There is no wildlife other than curly tailed lizards. They also don’t have any restrictions on building homes so they can take 6 years to build a house so you see a lot of flat empty land and half built houses. It kind of has an appearance of either being torn down or just being built.

There was a another tour option that was exactly like the one we did minus the tour of the city. The bus drives you straight to the market and Resort. It’s also $20 cheaper and still includes the free lunch. So if you’re from Florida or maybe already seen other islands in the Bahamas then the city tour isn’t really vital. Also almost the whole island is closed on Sundays. But I still did enjoy the market and resort. Some fo the market items were very unique and some were they type you find at any tourist stop. shot glasses, wood carvings, handmade objects, T-shirts etc.
The awesome private beach and pool at the resort.

I really like the infinity pool looking over the beach it was very relaxing. Also not that many people since there were so many excursions to do on the island and summer break is over. We layed around the pool for a bit then went down on  to the beach and spent the rest of the day there until it was time to board the bus again and head back to the ship.

Starfish some of the locals were catching and selling.

This guy and his friend were walking around with Starfish so I asked to see on and my Best somehow managed to make friends with us and they ended up for a long time.. was kind of weird but amusing. Although the way the other guy was looking at me I suddenly wanted to wrap myself in a potato sack O.o

After the day on the beach it was back to the ship. this post is too long so installment number 2 comes later tonight.

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