New beer

I enjoy drinking good beers and wines… almost any wine really.. except boxed I’m classier than that hahah. I drink beer to enjoy the taste I’m not a fan of going out and get super drunk I just hate the feeling the next day. Although I have had my fare share of getting drunk… it’s never pretty. I also hate vodka, seriously. It messes up my stomach and I just don’t enjoy it so I don’t mess with mixed drinks much. Give me beer or wine or even whiskey any day!

At the sports bar I work at we have a very good craft beer selection and all of our bartenders are beer people. They all know I share an interest in beer so they usually have one for me to try after my shift, either from our own selection we sell or one they brought from their own stash. This is why I like my job muahahah! This is today’s beer.

I took this with my phone and the lighting at the bar is pretty dim so it’s an awful photo but still.
Fat Tire amber ale by New Belgium Brewing Company. It’s a pretty good medium bodied beer. It’s got a nutty caramel aroma. Not my top 5 beers but still very good. Wish I has a better picture of it.
Work was very slow today so I spent my shift at work talking about beer and the cultures of Miami with some regulars sitting at the bar, once they left I started reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I started reading it last Christmas when I flew to see my family in Philly but my Mom bought me a Kindle so I put it down and between reading so many books, both in actual book form and on my Kindle, I hadn’t been able to pick it back up. it’s pretty interesting but the writing style is getting to me a bit but I am hoping to make time to finish it.

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