Now I start

This is just a bit of a ramble of an incident that happened recently that’s still in my head

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so horrible and stupid. This planet is full of horrible stupid people. 

3 weeks ago I spent 4 days in the hospital with my best friend. She was riding her bike to work and was hit by a car. The lady ran a red light, possibly because she wasn’t even looking at the road, and she didn’t stop until she felt the hit. The worst part? She ran! How do you run over a human being and then drive away like nothing. One of the witnesses says she stopped some distance away and ran up to my friend to ask is she was okay then jumped back in her car after a few seconds and ran.. seriously? If the person is laying on the floor unconscious with their head gushing blood clearly they aren’t okay!

Of the two people who stopped( yes only two people stopped to help an injured person laying in the street, but being that this is Miami it’s no surprise) neither was able to get the lady’s tag information. So all we had was the description of her car and of her face. Which wont help with how many people live here.
My BF is fine though  she escaped with just two deep gashes on her forehead and road rash on her left arm. It could have been much worse. But now every time she looks down at her arm where they performed the skin graph or whenever she touches the scar on her head where she lost feeling she’ll be reminded that some idiot ran her over and got away. 
I just hope karma truly comes around for that woman and that what she did haunts her. I just can’t accept that she gets off that easy. We think she might have ran due to not having a license or maybe not being legal in the US or some other reason. But still no excuse for hitting someone and running. She shouldn’t have run a red light and not been looking at the road. I’m just so mad that she got away! That’s it. How does that happen. How does a good person get run over and have to suffer and the idiot gets away. 
The hospital experience was awful too. It was my friends first time being hospitalized and a good amount of the nurses treating us pretty bad. Luckily some of our friends came by the hospital every day to keep my BF and I entertained and help me with her. The first two days she really couldn’t do anything herself. Those people who came by the hospital to see her and the few good nurses and doctors we had(key word few) helped restore our faith in humanity and reminded us that there are truly good people in the world along with the crappy people. 

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