Because I’m such a dog owner and since my dog just turned 2 years old this month this is a post about him.

We got Malikai when he was 3 weeks old because his mother was pushing them away and they had to fight to feed. He was born on a friend’s plant nursery. My boyfriend and I went not actually sure if we would take a puppy home but after seeing them I could NOT walk away without one. Of course we ended up getting the biggest one! he’s a little over 85lb.

He technically picked us as his new owners. I was crouching down pointing at the puppies and he trotted up to me all goofy, wrapped hiss tiny little mouth around my finger and started trying to drag me along with him to wander around the nursery. A few minutes later he walked up to my boyfriend, plopped down on his shoe and started mindlessly gnawing at his laces. There was NO way we were not getting him. He lived at home with my father and I for a bit and now he’s living at my boyfriend’s house completely spoiled 🙂

We have no idea what breed he is both his parents had no distinct looks they were just skiddish street dogs. We’ve gotten Rottweiler, German Shepard, Pitbull,  and even Great Dane because of his lanky-ness but we have no idea. Butt he is our beautiful mutt none the less. I honestly couldn’t live without a dog. I’ve had dogs and pets in general my entire life. Sometime I like animals way more than I like most people. Here is my beautiful furry pup:

                                          4 weeks old. EEP!!! He was so tiny

I need a better recent photo but that’s my big goof ball!!


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