The zombies are coming…. in my city.

The zombies are coming…. in my city.

I have been busy and keep forgetting to write 😦

Also I just learned two days ago that the zombie apocalypse will begin in my city. Seriously if you haven’t seen the articles or hear the news you should asap because the zombie attack has just begun. WHERE I LIVE!!?  They claim it is all drug induced and what not but we all know better. The guy’s face was almost completely gone and the attacker growled at the cop after being shot and didn’t stop until he was shot dead… What.the.hell. Also he was completely naked!!!! Naked zombies? worse. The creepier part was my boyfriend and I were in the area when it happened, luckily we took a different route. Read the story and prepare yourself. If it’s drug induced or zombie infection either way I will be prepared!!!


2 thoughts on “The zombies are coming…. in my city.

    • Oh trust me I’m ready. The news is releasing more information and it was an extremely gruesome attack. Also they’ve changed the story of what caused it 3 different times although it all goes back to drugs. Either way I’m not taking any chances!!!!!

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