My boyfriend is the greatest

My birthday was Friday. We did nothing big because I worked most of the weekend and everything was too last minute. My boyfriend understands the nerd in me mostly because he’s a huge nerd as well, Builds computers, Harry Potter, comics, electronics, and all that stuff. SO he got me my own Tardis :DDDD


Okay well not a real one.. That would be WAY to fucking cool.

He got me my very own Tardis mug. One because he knows I was a Tardis and two because I like cool mugs and all that. The shirt is really awesome too. Fits me pretty big but it’s the smallest size ThinkGeek carries. The material also seems to stretch really easily. I might try to shrink it. if not it’ll will be my comfy bum shirt 🙂 

I finished the first book in pottermore so now I’m just waiting till they open up the next book 😦

Now time to try to finish ready Let’s pretend this never Happened. I’ve hardly had time to read it.



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