It’s finally here :)

I’m aware I’ve been horrible with writing but I just started a new job and went through finals week.

I spent the last couple days at my boyfriend’s place so I finally came back home tonight after my work shift AND… found a box from Amazon with my name on it sitting on top of the stair rail inside. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened came in over the weekend 😀 I am so excited to start reading it. I might up be up pretty late reading!!. Sorry Game of Thrones but your reading will be put on hold till further notice. I also got my signed bookplate in a couple days before. Other than the long anticipation for Jenny Lawson’s book I’m also excited because I’ve spent sooo much time reading books on my Kindle Fire I almost forgot how much I loved reading an actual book, plus it’ll be easier on my eyes.

I’m looking forward to when Jenny comes to Books & Books here in Miami for her book signing. If I work that night I will cry hysterically. I can’t request it off since I just started at this new job but maybe I can find a way to not have to work that night?

Since the book came in only a few days before my Birthday it’s an early present to myself 🙂 Happy early Birthday to me woot.

I’m off to read 🙂

Excuse the shitty web cam quality and the bleh appearance I just got out of work. Concentrate on the SIGNATURE and BOOK WOOO!!!


UPDATE: I never got to attend the book signing 😦 I must find another way to meet Jenny!!


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