Silly spider you are no match for my father and his can of RAID!!!

First, let me start by saying I hate spiders. If I can’t identify the spider and it’s gets too close I go crazy. If it’s a spider I know I’m okay with killing it myself. The only spiders that don’t send me into a pansy attack and that I have no problem withe are daddy long legs. I got use to them living in un-dusted corners of our house in North Carolina. But all OTHER spiders I just can’t handle. Okay so this fear is not as bad as my unexplained irrational fear of roaches( But that’s another story entirely)

Back to my point: So I get to my car after work and as I open the car door a big spider falls onto my driver’s seat and I have no idea what it it! This is where I lost it.

My first reaction to get rid of it? Reach for the bottle of car freshner spray in my glove department! Clearly I felt  the overdose of Oziums’ Original New Car scent was the perfect way to slowly send it to the deep dark catacombs of spider hell where it belongs!! With the time I wasted walking all the way around the car to the passengers side to grab said weapon of ultimate death (because I wasn’t about to lean over the spot where this spider was) it crawled into the gap of my driver’s seat.

So what is my next brilliant idea? Definitely not to pull on my big girl pants and find it and kill it myself. Obviously not to ask one of the random people going to and from the bar to give me a hand or to just walk all the way back to work and beg one of my fellow coworkers to come help me, pssshhht that would be ridiculous! Not even to just sit on the seat like a badass and drive home with the spider plotting my murder right under my bum. No, I call my dad.

I’d like to clarify:  3 hours of sleep, doped up on allergy medicine, 12  hour work shift, uncontrollable fear of spiders. So my actions will be excused.

Luckily my dad’s house is right down the street from where I work. I called him and explained my situation. I hang up with him, my phone dies and I don’t know his number so I stood around in the parking lot for awhile till he pulled up with a bottle of bug spray just in case we couldn’t coax the spider out we would just spray his new little home full of poison. He prefers catching and releasing all bugs. When My dad went to open my car door the spider was already out of the hole and crawling on my window and then it just falls right out of the car. Just to make sure, and because I had found two ghost spiders inside my car within the past couple of months, my dad sprayed my door area…okay and maybe because I was convinced the spider wasn’t gone or that it had more little friends waiting inside my car to attack me while I was driving. I then had to drive home with the windows down since the inside of my car was now full of toxic Raid fumes.

I know I have issues but I’m sure everyone out there has some irrational fear or something that bugs them.

My condolences to anyone who actually likes spiders but I was NOT about to take the chance and find out if it would bite me. Driving would be the worst time to find out that I’m allergic to spiders and could die from their bite. I’ll end this by saying my father is awesome for getting out of bed to kill the big bad spider for me.


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