Hunger Games comes out in 23 days… Word.

I am a total nerd so I read the whole trilogy and can’t wait for the movie. I’m the kind of person that has to read the book before the movie. I really loved the first and second book kind of mixed feelings on the third book but I will not ruin it for anyone.

Because I am a total dork I even went on The Capitol website to see what district I get placed in 😡 District 7 Lumber! I was hoping for district 12 or even 8 but hey it works!!!

I’m also going crazy anticipating The Avengers and The Hobbit among other movies( huge movie freak) so as the premiers get closer I’ll be going crazy 🙂

So according my Movies I’ve seen list on my account, which I’m attempting to keep as accurate as possible (although it’s hard to keep track of EVERY movie) I have seen 890 movies in my lifetime O.o That’s a lot of movies! I mean have you ever just stopped and wondered ‘hmm how many movies I have actually watched’ I’m only in my 20s so 890 movies is pretty sweet. Why am I keeping track of every movie I’ve seen you ask? Because I can.

That is all


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