It’s a twisted world we live in. Updated

Today I remembered why I’m completely fine with being able to count my friends on one hand and even then only be able to count on a select few. It’s hard to try to trust a new person when people keep acting the way they do. I swear its impossible to find someone who isn’t out to tear you down for their own well being here in Miami. I know I can be a pretty cold person sometimes due to what I come from but I don’t treat people like this. This is why I have almost no friends because people in my generation and in my city are horrible -__-

Stressed out and loosing faith in mankind.

Updated                                                                                                                 This was a pretty miserable post I made. But you know those days when you decide to get some stuff done do things for yourself try to take it easy then it’s ruined.. that’s what happened I had so much I wanted to do and had to run in to work and there was other issues so I was very annoyed. Definitely not in the mood to deal with people. I’m a little more relaxed now. I could definitely use a drink right now buuut rather not go out or move at all from this spot on my bed.

But in all honesty people are just ridiculous sometimes ugg.


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