Seriously It’s not all my fault..

I hate myself for not being able to blog more but I am a very very busy human being. soooooo

Feb 7 was my boyfriends birthday. I am so happy I go to celebrate another year of his life with him. I could never thank him enough for all he’s gone through and done for me. He was thrown in to the crazy, dysfunctional disaster that is  my life. I bought him a bunch of little random things and a nifty little key chain waterproof lighter from Since he;s a smoker and tends to misplace all his lighters. Oh and I made him a Tres Leche cake 🙂 I was going to take pictures of it but I was going crazy running around it slipped my mind. Plus my camera is broken and my phone camera is awful. We then went to one of our regular bars to meet up with the boys and have some drinks. it was nice. We couldn’t do much else since it was the middle of the week and we all had work and/or class the next day.

Superbowl I went to work then we had a BBQ at a good friend’s house and we surprised boyfriend with a birthday cake. It’s become a tradition for all of us for his birthday. Surprise cake and Superbowl celebration.

Baby shower lats Sunday. It was pretty fun since the mother to be is 25 and the father ( boyfriend’s brother) is in his early 20s and they shoot movies and commercials.

Working and more working. Tomorrow is my day off though so i might have something more amusing to say then. Seriously it’s like I’ve forgotten how to be a true blogger 😦 sadness. I’ll work on it…


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