It’s just my onion layers

I realized how touching and loving my last post really was. Which is amusing because I kind of suck at being that way in real life. Okay so what has been going on:

I’m not sick anymore. Hoorah!!

I’ve been working a lot.. as usual -__-

I had an encounter with mall security while attempting to rescue two lost dogs. I will tell this story soon.

I really need to start writing more.

I finished the hunger game series O.O I NEED to see the movie now.

Boyfriend’s birthday is Tuesday and I haven’t bought his gifts yet because I can’t make up my mind. There are many things I want to get him but I’m not rich so i can’t get all of them. Momma’s got bills fool…(i promise I’ll never do that again)

Porn people keep trying to follow me on twitter

I made friends with someone who owns an erotic boutique.. ( Somehow these 2 things go together im guessing)

Recently watched Money Ball, True Grit, & The Change Up.

I think there’s a piece of broken beer bottle glass stuck in my hand. Consequence of spending Super Bowl with my friends.

I attempted to fish tail braid my hair for the first time in a trillion years and it came out pretty awesome. I also did it without looking… bazinga.

I am now obsessed with

Okat That’s about it. Pretty random and not exactly real amusing post but my brain is all over the place so this is what came out.

Goodnight world


2 thoughts on “It’s just my onion layers

  1. What is UP with porn people on Twitter. They’re more annoying than STDs… not that I have any.. but you know.. in that they’re unwelcome and don’t go away easily…

    Sometimes I need to re-think my similes.

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