I spent around $80 at Lush for face and body stuff. Pricey fora fulltime college student but I got a decent amount of stuff for it. Plus it’s all vegan handmade products so it’s all great for my skin and it all smells amazing. Sometime we need to spoil ourselves a little. I spend so much time stressing over saving money and prioritizing it and taking care of everything else so it’ll be nice to indulge myself in all this new stuff.

All my current Lush products

All my current Lush products

I was going to do a review on all my Lush products but I don’t want this blog to become a product review thing only. I might save it for the blog with my sister. She asked me to do a beauty blog with her. She lives in Boulder and I live in Miami. Two different worlds so it should be interesting. It’s been taking us a while to get it running but maybe if I find people who would actually find interest in it I’ll do reviews and comments on Lush products and home remedies I love here.

I’m not very girly I mean I have my girl things but I’m not well informed in fashion and makeup. i just try to figure it out myself or check out beauty blogs. Do a lot of Goggling too :p. I have my own unique taste… I hate pink, glitter, sparkles, and floral. I hardly wear make up other than eyeliner and the occasional mascara and eye shadow but I am really fascinated by eye makeup because I am obsessed with eyes and like the attention brought to them, I just hate putting a lot of make up on My eyes. I straighten my hair every couple days because I think my curly hair is too much maintenance and haven’t found a way to keep it naturally tamed. I suck at keeping up exactly with fashion trends. I could live in sandals, shorts or jeans and tank tops. Only closed shoes I own are my workout shoes, a pair of very old converse and my black suede boots. Oh and one pair of pumps all the other hairs are peep toe :p

I love body products, especially if the’re all natural. I’m OCD about my hair( I get that from my mother) I like skinny jeans, turquoise and silver jewelry. long necklaces. Unique rings. Peep toe pumps. My nails almost always are painted. I like short dresses but not skirts. Earth tone colors, unique hand made jewelry. I love homemade remedies.

So we’ll see I’d love to share home remedies and natural products I love with people and head everyone else because it’s nice to see if people share your same opinions. Maybe I’ll throw it in to the mixture of things I post here.


3 thoughts on “Lush

  1. Nothing wrong with indulging a little right? 🙂 I like the way stuff is displayed at Lush, but I never actually bought anything. Most of the scrubs etc I get are from the body shop’s men section lol 🙂

      • EAT the stuff? guessing nobody told them it’s a fruit basket but not really fruits huh? 😛

        30 minutes is quite a ways to go alright, that’s the problem with body shop. They tend to open mostly inside malls and stuff than an outlet on the corner on their own 😦

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