My 80lb hairy, stinky 1 year old.

Obviously I’m referring to my dog here. I mean who has a 80lb hairy one year old?.. Umm if you do I apologize for your misfortune.

Look at that face? He can get away with bloody murder!! This is my child Malikai he’s a year & 3 months & weighs 80 pounds. My boyfriend and I have no idea what he is. He looks like a rottweiler, pitbull, dane, lab mix. But he’s beautiful.

I was staring at him the other day and couldn’t get over how much he’s grown and matured over a year and how he’s already getting so old in dog terms. Any super dog lovers out there know exactly how I feel. Dogs are like  family.

This was him when we first got him at 3 weeks old

Such a small little thing that I would carry around like a newborn child. Completely baffled and amazed by the world around him. My boyfriend use to carry him around snuggly in the crook of his arm. In just over a year we watched him grow from a tiny little, destructive crazy puppy to the big goofy genius he is today.

The way in which boyfriend and I acquired him was completely spur of the moment. We saved him from life on the streets. It was the greatest sporadic thing I have ever done. A good friend of ours owns a plant nursery. She has a couple dogs that live on the land that she feeds and strays always wander on to her property (homestead is a place where a lot of people dump unwanted pets) One of the strays got pregnant & she came home form work the next day to 5 newborn puppies. Already having dogs at home she couldn’t take them in so she was desperately looking for owners. One of our friends jumped up immediately and took one home. My boyfriend and I decided to just go have a look at these little babies. We both knew our parents wouldn’t let us bring then home. My father and I live in a townhouse with no grass in the yard and he HATES shedding. My boyfriends family had never had pets.

When we pulled up to her nursery we saw the puppies running around the shed exploring every little thing. The mother was there too but she was very skidish and would run from the puppies every time they tried to feed. Withing moments we decided we could not leave without a puppy. The look in my boyfriends eyes told me he needed to have one. He had never had a pet in his life… well other than an iguana but that doesn’t count!! While we were debating which one deserved a forever home with us (honestly we wanted them all) I was crouching down pointing at one little guy and he walked right up, grabbed hold of my finger and started tugging at it leading me away to explore with him. My heart melted instantly. A few minutes later he went right up to my boyfriend plopped down on his feet and started chewing away and licking his shoes. Right away we picked him, or well he picked us. He was the most curious, adventurous one.

After we gathered our new little puppy we debated over names(Malikai was my boyfriend’s choice. he got it from Children of the Corn and always wanted to name a pet that) we went straight to petsmart and bought a bunch of things for him. Took him a to a friends house then went back to my dad’s. Luckily my father came home with his new girlfriend who helped convince him to let me keep Malikai. Honestly how could you refuse your daughter a puppy right in front of your new girlfriend. Malikai lived with me for a few months and then after things got rocky at home we moved him to my boyfriends house where he now lives the good life. There will be plenty stories of him here.

Dogs  will always love you unconditionally and you can count on them to be there when things get difficult they wont judge you or give you a speech they’ll just love you and do anything to make sure you’re happy. They’re family. 4 legged fluffy family. They may not speak but they understand you completely.


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